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BBC Radio Three: Brains Trust, Concert Intermission, Essay, Night Waves.

BBC Radio Four: Analysis, Beyond Belief, In Our Time, Moral Maze, Start the Week, Sunday Programme, Today etc

BBC Radio Five Live: Weekend News Review

BBC Radio Scotland: Benchmark, Good Morning Scotland, Personal Touch, Realms of Engagement, Sunday, Speaking Out, Usual Suspects, Brian Taylor’s Big Debate, Thought for the Day, Values Added etc.

BBC Radio Ulster Sunday Sequence; BBC Radio Wales.

BBC World Service: Agenda, Matter for Debate, Newsround, The World Today etc.

ABC (Australia): Late Night Live, and National Breakfast Programme

RTE (Eire): Morning Ireland, Talking Ideas.

USA Public Service Radio.


BBC 1 Heart of the Matter, Reporting Scotland, Papal Visit.

BBC 2 Newsnight (and Newsnight Scotland), Twenty Four Hours

BBC World Twenty Four Hours

ITV GMTV; STV/Grampian Inquisition, Turning Points.

Polish Public Service TV Fronda.

USA Public Service TV, EWTN Sunday Night Live.