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  • Philosophy, Causality and God

    Philosophy, Causality and God

    “Philosophy, Causality and God,” in Library of Living Philosophers: The Philosophy of Hilary Putnam (Chicago: Open Court, 2015). Critical examination of ideas about philosophy, causality and God in the work of the American philosopher Hilary […]

  • Identifying Privative Causes

    Identifying Privative Causes

    ANALYSIS 71 (4) October 2011 Abstract Causation by and of absences, omissions or privations, seems to be implied by common styles of description and explanation. Allowing that absences are actuality-dependent, one may yet maintain that […]

  • Gravitas, Moral Efficacy and Social Causes

    Gravitas, Moral Efficacy and Social Causes

    ANALYSIS 68 (1) January 2008 Abstract Contemporary discussions of causality range over the relative merits of nominalist as against realist accounts, of conceptual as against empirical approaches, and of regularity, power-based and singularist understandings. What […]

  • Privative causality

    Privative causality

    ANALYSIS 67 (3) July 2007 Abstract Among the kinds of explanation given for the occurrence or non-occurrence of events and processes, the obtaining or non-obtaining of states and conditions, and the existence or non-existence of […]