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The Philosophy of Thomas Reid

The Philosophy of Thomas Reid
(Co-edited with Stephen Read)

Thomas Reid was one of the greatest philosophers of the eighteenth century and a contemporary of Kant’s. This volume is part of a new wave of international interest in Reid from a new generation of scholars. The volume opens with an introduction to Reid’s life and work, including biographical material previously little known. A classic essay by Reid himself – ‘Of Power’ – is then reproduced, in which he sets out his distinctive account of causality and agency. This is followed by ten original essays exploring different aspects of Reid’s philosophy, as well as his relation to other thinkers, such as Kant, Priestley, and Moore. Read The Philosophy of Thomas Reid.

Opinions and reviews

“As John Haldane observes in his introduction, with the tricentenary of Reid ‘s birth … we can expect more and more such papers and volumes in what he hails as ‘the renaissance of Reid scholarship and critical engagement with his philosophy’. If this volume is a harbinger, then we have much to look forward to.” Barry Stroud, Journal of Scottish Philosophy.

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