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Faithful Reason

In Faithful Reason, the noted Catholic philosopher John Haldane explores various aspects of intellectual and practical life from a perspective inspired by Catholic thought and informed by his distinctive philosophical approach: ‘Analytical Thomism’. Haldane’s discussions of ethics, politics, education, art, social philosophy and other themes explain why Catholic thought is still relevant in today’s world, and show how the legacy of Thomas Aquinas can benefit modern philosophy in its efforts to answer fundamental questions about humanity and its place within nature. Drawing on a Catholic philosophical tradition that is committed to concepts of the world’s intrinsic intelligibility and the objectivity of truth, Faithful Reason‘s bold and insightful perspectives provide rich matter for debate, and food for further thought. Read Faithful Reason.

Faithful Reason confirms my impression of the author as one of the most prolific, knowledgeable and wide-ranging analytical philosophers working today…. The book displays an impressive breadth of historical/philosophical knowledge, and an enviable capacity to form overviews of movements and trends, and to detect and criticise philosophical assumptions behind currently popular positions …
Piers Benn, Imperial College London.

Faithful Reason is not merely readable, but elegant … Few philosophers could comment profitably on so wide an array of controversies: the essays in this book are learned, clear and suggestive … The result is a book that is a pleasure to read.’
Paul Weithman, University of Notre Dame

“Altogether, this splendid collection casts light on a wide range of topics, illustrating how the legacy of St Thomas comes alive as it interacts with the tradition of analytical philosophy: “faithful reason” indeed”.
Fergus Kerr, The Tablet.

“John Haldane’s respected and respectful voice has much to contribute to contemporary philosophizing.. Throughout he displays his commitment to a historically informed Thomism engaged on a variety of contemporary philosophical problems.”
Joseph W. Koterski, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly

“John Haldane cogently and elegantly applies the thought of Thomas Aquinas to ethics, art, politics, education and social philosophy.  If you enjoy books that can run Locke, Kant, Mill, Rawls, Dworkin and Papal encyclicals in the same paragraph, you will be delighted by the intellectual breadth of the text; but if you want reference to the National Union of Teachers, the Daily Telegraph, Muslim schools and G K Chesterton to reassure you that we all live in the 21st century, you will also find them here.  This is a book that is set to last”.
Journal of Beliefs and Values.