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St Andrews Studies in Philosophy and Public Affairs

St Andrews Studies in Philosophy and Public Affairs
This series was founded in 2004 by John Haldane and is under his general editorship. The series includes monographs, collections of essays and occasional anthologies of source material representing study in those areas of philosophy most relevant to topics of public importance, with the aim of advancing the contribution of philosophy in the discussion of these topics.

Opinions of St Andrews Studies
“St. Andrews Studies in Philosophy and Public Affairs is an important new series that will advance the academic and public discussions of major social issues and policies. The first two volumes feature significant thinkers addressing critical topics. Proposed future volumes promise to be equally strong. I expect the series will become required reading for philosophers, political scientists, economists, and lawyers interested in ethically defensible public policies.”
Hugh LaFollette, Cole Professor in Ethics, University of South Florida.
Editor, Oxford Handbook of Practical Ethics, and Blackwell Guide to Ethical Theory.

“The Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs at the University of St Andrews is a distinguished and influential research institute dedicated to research in moral philosophy and public policy.  Its latest initiative, St. Andrews Studies in Philosophy and Public Affairs, offers original, illuminating, and engaging treatments of important social and political issues. These works are indispensable resources for scholars, students, and practitioners in all disciplines concerned with the ethical dimensions of public policy.”
Fred Miller Jr, Ex. Director, Social Philosophy and Policy Center, Bowling Green, Ohio.
Associate Editor, Social Philosophy and Policy.

“The onset of the twenty-first century has seen increased interest in the theoretical foundations of socio-political thinking with a view to clarifying the bearing of philosophical principles upon issues of public interest. St. Andrews Studies in Philosophy and Public Affairs make a significant contribution to this important trend. They afford highly interesting, lucid and challenging studies of key issues of public concern, by a wide spectrum of writers, including some of the most interesting and influential thinkers of the day. This series is a must for academic libraries.”
Nicholas Rescher, University Professor of Philosophy, University of Pittsburgh.
Founding Editor American Philosophical Quarterly, History of Philosophy Quarterly, Public Affairs Quarterly.

Books in series to date:

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